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Customer Testimonials
"I just got my AJ 15/8 Package in the mail today. Ordered them on Monday and I received them on Wednesday. Let me just tell all the people who view this site that the shoes are AUTHENTIC and legit. Also, I'd like to say MAD PROPS TO THESE GUYS at - you guys do an awesome job!" --- Andy from Chicago, IL
"Just wanted to say thanks for the shoes. Received them one day earlier then expected. Great site! Great shoes! 100% real! Hope to do future business with you guys. Thanks a bunch!" --- Kenneth from Florida


"Just wanted to say to all that always comes through. Every single time I've ordered from here I'm taken care of. I just had to comment and give y'all some feedback on y'all great services. I ordered the Retro 9's on Thursday and got them on Saturday. I got them on right now....rocking them a week before they hit store shelves." --- Terrence from Houston, TX
"Much love to I just got my Retro 9 (White/Black). I ordered them on Wednesday and got them on Friday - a week early. I can't wait to go to the mall and see everyone's face when they see them on my feet. You have done it again. GREAT SERVICE!" --- Kenney from Houston, TX
"Just to let everyone know I received my shoes and I'm very happy with my Air Jordan Retro 12. The site is 100% real. At first I was worried if the shoes were real, but I had them checked out. Don't miss out on Nothing is fake with them!" --- Sergeant Gregory Gage
"Thank you for helping me complete my Retro Jordan Collection. The 15/8 Pack was the only package I was missing and I never thought I would find it. My kicks were in perfect condition. Super fast shipping. Because of you guys I own the best collection ever." --- Erik from California
"I just wanted to thank you guys for the Retro 12. I finally got "THE FLU" in the house. I look forward to doing business with you guys again. To all of those people new to the site, I gotta admit what you see is what you get. is official!" --- Veasna from Connecticut
"All I can say is WOW! I just received my Air Jordan Alpha 1 and it's what I exactly wanted. I never ordered shoes from a website before. I was worried, but all I gotta say is when I want more Jordans I'm coming back to ya'll. Thanks!!" -- Benjamin from Texas
"I just wanted to thank you guys for the J's. I go to the site 3-4 times a week just to look to see whats coming out. I always wanted to buy J's from here but wasn't too sure. After reading all the customer's feedback I decided to jump in. I'm gonna tell all y'all sneaker geeks this site is the truth. The shoes are 100% real. I emailed them and they got right back at me and my kicks came a day early. What more could you want. GREAT SITE GREAT SERVICE!!" --- Rob from Rhode Island
"My shoes came today. I am very pleased with the whole process and am surprised how easy it was. The shoes are 100% authentic just as promised and came two days earlier than expected! I will definitely be doing business with again." -- Jim from Colorado
"Much love to I just got my OLNL Retro 1 Package and this is one website that is the real deal. Not only did they arrive in great condition they also came a day before they were expected. 100% official. Thanks and I will for sure order again from" --- Tom from Kentucky
"I got my Jordan Six Rings "Lakers" edition and I was real happy with them. They were expensive, but I don't care because they are real and not no fakes. You guys will get more of my business." --- Jake from Ohio
"I looked everywhere for these shoes for my boyfriend! They were either sold out or fake! When I came to your site I ordered the last pair in his size you had and they're REAL!  They came in two days and he is ecstatic! Thank you so much!" --- Amber from Florida
"My shoes came in today! A day earlier than expected. Just wanted to say thanks. They are authentic, the real deal holyfields, just like you guys promised and they are true to size. Once again thanks and i will look forward to doing business with you guys again." --- Adrian from California
"I just wanted to say that I received the shoes today and I am very thankful. They came a day in advance and are very authentic, just as advertised. I think that is a wonderful website and if I ever need anymore Jordans I plan on visiting again!" --- Steve from New York
"I have been using your site since the first of the year and your site is excellent. The site tells you everything and has managed to keep me up on my shoe game with the release dates. Y'all are doing a fine job. Keep up the good work!"
"Well what do I have to say? I just received my shoes in the mail today and I am very impressed. I wasn't too sure at first about buying shoes over the Internet but I am 100% satisfied. I look forward to doing business with again." --- Sam from California
"Great job guys. Another excellent pair of Jordans. Thanks for helping increase my Jordan stock (Total: 33 pairs). I just recently purchased the Retro 5’s....what great condition they came in and they even came faster then I excepted....within 3 days. Keep up the good work, your Jordan information and news is one of a kind. Thanks again." --- Jeff from Maryland
"I just got my Spiz’ikes. The best part is that I ordered them on Friday and got them on Monday. That is quick delivery! Also, the shoes are AUTHENTIC. You can even smell the freshness of the shoe! I will definitely be looking on this site frequently. Keep up the good work guys." --- Andy from Chicago
"I just want to say that your service is awesome. I ordered the shoes on Sunday of last week and you told me that it would be Friday when the shoes will arrive. So now its Wednesday and the shoes are already at my door. You guys are very authentic and I am at a lost for words. I wanted these shoes sooooooo bad that I thought I was going to go into shock when I seen that you guys had them. The price was very reasonable and the shoes are very real, even the box was real and I'm a big Jordan fan who likes his boxes in good shape. Thank you soooooo much. I can't say enough words to tell you how I feel. I will buy from you from now on (TILL I DIE)." --- Karnell from Florida
"I have just received my order in the mail, two days before you said it would arrive. My shoes and box were in perfect condition, AND MY SHOES ARE REAL!! I was a little skeptical about ordering shoes from the internet due to the fact that there are so many fakes floating around. I missed out on these shoes, and when I saw them for sell on your site cheaper than the other sites I had to get them. This was my first time ordering from the Internet and I am proud to say I have no regrets. Thanks" --- Brandon from Virginia
"Many thanks for the great service. I received my shoes today and they came as advertised. I look forward to doing business with again in the near future." --- Hamid from California
"Hey guys. I just want to say you guys are the truth. I ordered my Retro 10 from you guys and they came right away. They were official. I know where to get all my Jordans from now on. Thanks a lot." --- Menzee from New Jersey
"Thank you so much...I just got my Retro 4 limited edition today...I am so happy with the job you guys and real...I will be ordering every release date...thanks again." --- Kane from Rhode Island
"Thank you very much for your quick service.  I got my Air Jordan 20 in about 2 days. That is the fastest I have ever receive anything that I have ordered.  You guys are the best. I look forward to purchasing more shoes through" --- Francisco from California
"I just got my Retro 7 today and I just want to say "great job." I look at the site about 3 times a day, but this is my first time ordering something and I am very happy with the job you guys did. And they came a day early! Most of all they are 110% real!. Thanks again. --- Matthew from Ohio
"I received my shoes yesterday. This is the first time ordering shoes from this website and I am definitely satisfied with them. Such a great pair of legit shoes for such a reasonable price. I would give this website a 20 on a scale from 1-10 and would certainly recommend this site to all. I will definitely be purchasing more items in the future. It has been a pleasure." --- David from Maryland
"I slept on the Air Jordan Retro 7 when they were released and quickly fell in love after they were all sold out. THANK YOU for making it possible for me to make up for that mistake. They even arrived a couple days early!! I’LL BE BACK!!" --- Andre from Virginia
"I just got the Retro 7's and they are nasty (in a good way). I seen what everybody else had to say, but I still wasn't sure, but my order was great. No problems and they came fast and fresh. It was good doing business with you and there will be more in the future." --- Ronald from West Virginia
"Thanks for the shoes. That was really fast shipping. This was the first time I bought from you guys and I would buy again. Thanks for the great first time experience with a legit dealer. Good looks. I will recommend all my friends to buy here instead of the Foot Lockers, Champs, and Finish Lines. Thanks again."
"I first would like to say thanks for getting me my Retro 4's so quick. They arrived 3 days before the estimated arrival date. Another thing is the shoes were in perfect condition, not a scuff on them. I will definitely be doing business with again. P.S. Your website is great.  It keeps me informed with all the updates on J's." --- Jeremy from Colorado
"You guys are incredible. I ordered my Retro 7 on Feb. 24 and they came to my house Feb. 27, 2006. I will be buying from you guys a lot more. Keep up the great work." --- Jonathan from California
"Thank you very much. My name is Mike from Savannah, Georgia and I would like to have my testimonial on the website just like everybody else. Thank you for my Retro 7. I will enjoy them very much. I look forward doing more business with you." --- Mike from Georgia
"Thanx a lot. Got my shoes shipped here in just 3 days. I was surprised to find the Air Jordan 20 in my size, especially since they're rare in my area. 100% authentic and great customer service. Looking forward to spending all my money with you guys!" --- Ray from Florida
"I just want to thank you. I purchased the Air Jordan Retro 14 and I just want to say that I like the way you guys do things. It was shipped in 3 to 5 days just as I was informed. I also picked up the shoes for the Sale price and saved almost $30 over me going to purchase the shoes in the stores. The shoes were 100% authentic, had the brand new smell, retro card, authentic box and everything. You are doing a really good job and i just want to thank you for the service and I will continue ordering and purchasing from you." --- Randell from Louisiana
"I just wanted to write this to let you and the people that look at shoes from your site that these shoes are 110% real! I'm very proud of the package and I was amazed at how fast they got the shipment in to me. I ordered the Retro 10 and for the price and delivery time... it was well worth the cost. I look forward to buying and telling people about this site!" --- Mico from Las Vegas
"I was kinda skeptical at first about ordering some shoes from online, especially because I know about all the fakes that are around. But I know that is widely known for being accurate on its information and being authentic. Got my Retro XIV really fast. Perfect condition, authentic, nothing wrong. Thanks a lot. I look forward to possibly doing some orders in the future. Completely satisfied customer!" --- Steven from Oklahoma
"Just wanted to let you guys know I'm very pleased with the service. The Retro 10 is my third pair of Jordans that I've ordered from the site. Every shoe was processed and shipped ASAP and were 1000% authentic. I look forward to ordering more pairs to add to my collection very soon." --- Mike from Ohio
"I just wanted to thank you for the fast service. My Retro 13 Low look great.  I got them a day earlier than they were expected to be here by. I definitely will continue coming on this site looking for Jordans. I recommend this site to everyone looking to buy shoes. Thanks." --- Brent from Pennsylvania
"I've got a huge collection of Jordan's and I'm always looking for web sites that sell real shoes. I've purchased several shoes from over the last year. The shoes are always perfect, the shipping time is very prompt, and the communication is excellent. I highly recommend this site to anyone who's looking for real Jordan's. What I especially like about is the information they have on their Release Dates page. This really helps me stay in tune with what's going on in the world of Jordan's." --- Jeff from California
"I received my kicks yesterday! I have ordered shoes over the Internet before and I have never received shoes that quick. And with me running a business myself I am happy to see other people run good business also. I appreciate the quick delivery with the shoes and will tell more people about the site and will definitely do more business with u-guys in the future." --- Ryan from Massachusetts
"Hey, you guys have great customer service. I am now a life-long customer to you guys. I saw the Retro 10 and I was at first skeptical. But everything worked out great. The shoes are sick! I received my shoes on Monday and they weren't supposed to be here until Wednesday. All of us will continue to use your services!" --- Chris from Texas
"I just received my Utah Jazz 6 Rings. They came fast and in perfect condition. deals with authentic shoes. No problems at all. Thanks!" --- Customer from Bartlett, TN
"Got my two pairs of the Jordan Retro 13 Low today! They are beautiful. I really appreciate everything you've done. The service is great, shipping is fast and the shoes are just THE BEST! I will definitely recommend you to anyone else and you've got a customer that will definitely come back again and again." --- JK from Australia
"I would like to say thanks because I ordered the Big Kids Retro 10 from this website and I was extremely thrilled. You people have great service and it arrived very fast. I really enjoy them and I plan to make more purchases from this website." --- Hiram from New York
"Hi, I got the Air Jordan 10 today and just wanted to say thanks for everything. The fast shipping, great packaging, and courteous emails all combine to make you one honorable seller.  I also love your News page where I can get information about the latest Jordans." --- Trent from Texas
"I just wanted you all to know that from the moment I logged on to this site I felt secure.  This is a great site for someone like me who needs to know about all sneakers coming out especially hard to find Jordan's.  My Air Force 1 Sheed Low shipped way faster than I ever expected and they are truly authentic and brand new.  Thanks a lot and I will be shopping with you again very soon!" --- Customer from Virginia
"I have received my Jordan Dub Zero's. I was surprised when I received them in 4 days, considering I'm stationed in Germany. I view your website  frequently to get updates on the new Jordans that come out. We don’t have that type of information like you guys do in the States. I look forward to doing more business with you guys! Thanks." --- Rossi from Germany
"I can't say how happy I am to have received my Retro 10! They took only TWO days to get here; when I was expecting them to come on Saturday or Monday, they came on Friday. The shoes are excellent and especially rare in my area. Thank you for making me the envy of my friends and I will definitely be doing business with you all in the future!" --- Marc Anthony from Maryland
"Thanks alot. I got the Kid's Jordan 19 today. You all are super fast with delivery not even Eastbay could compete with that. I was truly satisfied with your service. I will be a regular customer thanks to this purchase." --- Randy from Virginia
"Thanx for the Jordan Retro 13 Low in all white. They even smell like they just came from the store. I was very happy with the service that offers. I recommend it to all Jordan fans." --- Robert from Arizona
"Man, I can't thank you guys enough for coming through with these Retro 13 in my size. I didn't think you would because it's been a while since they came out. But anyway, I just wanna say "Thank You" for a classic shoe. I will definitely do business with you guys again. Keep doing what you do. Love the website." --- DeAnthony from California
"I ordered my shoes on a Friday night. They were shipped out the same day and I got them on Monday. They were in perfect condition just as they were described on the website. I will buy more shoes from these people in the future. Great to do business with. They are fast and on top of things." --- Ramon from Texas
"I just recently bought the Air Jordan 13 and I wanted to thank you for the good business. I bought them on a Saturday morning and they came on Wednesday. I hope to do more business with in the future." --- Carlos from Virginia
"This is absolutely the best place to get your kicks for the best prices anywhere. Plus, free shipping! Do you sell cars?" --- Steve from California
"Nothing but the best is who I deal with - pristine quality - exceptional service. I am also in business and does a great job. I live in Australia and I don't bother with my Footlocker down the street; I gets my deals from Much props to" --- Shannon from Austrailia
"The shoes are great, well packaged, lightning quick shipping. A real professional operation. Look forward to doing business again with you in the future." --- Ron from California
"I just received my shoes today. The shipping was fast and easy, so I just wanted to say thank you very much." --- Mike from California
"I received my Air Jordan Retro 11 shoes today and I must say they are nice. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I spent about 6 months looking for these shoes. Nobody had them for a reasonable price. I look forward to doing business with you in the future, because you have good shoes at good prices. Thank you." --- Adam from Colorado
"Hi, I received the shoes today and I would just like to express how happy I am with the service I received. Everything was prompt and smooth. I am definitely going to recommend your shoe site to all my friends. Thanks again." --- John from California
"I never said thanks for the Air Jordan 16 I purchased from you back in November, but thanks. You sent it to an APO address, remember, well, anyway they are are an outstanding seller."
"Hi, I received the Nike Shox, with the quickness, thanks a lot. They are a work of art. Shear beauty. I hope you kept a pair for yourself. Nice packing job, it was appreciated! Thanks again." --- Jack from Connecticut
"THANK YOU for the shoes....I received it today in the mail.....The shoes are perfect!! THANKS!!" --- Kris from Rhode Island
"I received the shoes. Thank you for the prompt service. Your reputation and feedback holds true. I am very pleased with the shoes and your service. I will definitely refer prospective customers to you. A pleasure to do business with you. Thank you again." --- Tim from California
"Hey, I got the shoes on Monday. Thanks, they are hella tight. Also thanks for the free Jordan socks. I really appreciate doing business with you. Hope to do more in the future. Thanks." --- Dennis from Washington, D.C.
"I received my shoes yesterday. They look and feel great. I'm so pleased with my purchase. Thank you for the shoes and it was a pleasure doing business with you guys." --- Greg from Wisconsin
"I received my Jordan Retro 9 shoes today and I would like to say that the shoes look great and the delivery on the shoes was quick. I would like to thank you and I will be doing business with you again. And once again thank you." --- Shone from Tennessee
"I got my shoes today, I just wanted to say thanks. I will be ordering more shoes from you in the future." --- Mitch from Florida
"I just ordered the Retro 12's from you guys on Friday and they were here by Monday. This website is official just like these shoes. When I saw you guys put a few more pairs up, I wasn't missing out again. I knew it was meant for me to grab a pair...LOL. I'll be ordering from you guys again!" --- Bradley from Chicago, IL
"This site is the truth. I'm always on checking release dates, but I never bought from this site. A lot of people said good things, so I ordered a pair and they were delivered to my door before I could even buy clothes to go with the sneakers. Very fast shipping. And my sneakers are NOT fake! You guys have a loyal customer." --- Marcus from Boston
"Hey, I just wanted to thank you guys for the shoes. I've been looking everywhere for these shoes and just when I thought I lost the opportunity there they were on I also want to say that shipping was excellent. I was so excited that I ordered them and then best of all they came two days later. Thanks again." --- Steven from California

"My name is Emmanuel and this was my third order from your website. I just have to say...THANK YOU! The shoes are incredible and the shipping service is just lightning quick. You can be sure that I'll be back many times more!" --- Emmanuel from Portland, Oregon
"I just wanted to let you guys know I really appreciate your service. is on point! I ordered my Retro 13's and got them over a week early. 100% Authentic. Will def. be ordering from you guys again!" --- JR. from Cali

"I just ordered the Air Jordan 1 and I love them! I have to admit I was skeptical about ordering shoes online since I have been tricked before with Fakes, but you guys are the real deal! I check EVERYDAY for news and release dates and now I can add buying shoes to the list. I recommend to everyone!" --- Pedro from Chicago, IL
"Just got my fresh out the box Air Jordan Retro 9's today... weeks before they hit the stores! is authentic and the shoes are worth every dollar I paid. I will buy again as soon as the next Air Jordan Retro comes out. Thanks!" --- German from Sun City, CA